What is Centrope?

The four neighbouring countries of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria comprise a culturally and economically diverse region with six million inhabitants. The political entity representing this central European region – CENTROPE (link: www.centrope.info ) – was established in September 2003 at a political conference in the Kittsee Palace in Eastern Austria.

The four-country CENTROPE region serves as an important bridge between economic hubs in the west of Europe and the briskly growing markets in the eastern part of the continent. The massive investments of the automotive industry as well as the numerous headquarters of international corporations that have settled in CENTROPE are evidence of the advantages offered by this easily accessible region at the interface between old and new EU member states.

CENTROPE is prospering. Cross-border economic activities have also increased markedly in recent years. Roughly one fourth of all enterprises in CENTROPE maintain business contacts with neighboring countries.

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Our partners

The true strength of Centrope Consulting lies in its extensive international network of partners working in various fields. Some of its key partners include:

Renergys GmbH Renewable Energy Sources Consulting Engineers

The experts of RENERGYS have been active in the field of renewable energy for well over a decade. RENERGYS is an international consulting firm with offices in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. In addition to developing complex environmental (renewable energy) projects involving multi-layered information networks, the firm actively distributes a line of small-scale renewable energy products under the brand My Energy.

Synthesis-NET LLC: Solutions for an interconnected world

Synthesis-NET LLC is an international software development company based in Győr, Hungary. The company offers IT project outsourcing, offshore software development and web design services, as well as legacy application re-engineering services. Their experts are experienced in developing applications for a number of industries: on-demand business, banking and finance, real estate, e-government, and healthcare.


bitbox.design bitbox.design is a web design firm with a variety of Hungarian and international clients. Their services include web design, web programming, graphic design, company image design, networks, and system administration. For web design solutions, we often turn to bitbox.design for their high quality work.

Idegennyelvi Szolgáltató Munkaközösségi Bt. (Foreign Language Services Association)

Quality work meeting your needs. The fastest, best, cheapest or at least two out of three... Nearly two decades of experience. The office offers translation and interpreter services in most European languages.